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Hello for 2018!! We're glad to have you back. I'd like to thank all of you who supported LDF through the year of 2017. It was great to hear and read the fishing reports—plus all the other outdoor info you passed along. Please send them along this year, too!

Let's go back to last year's newsletter.

"I asked this question a few years ago. Does anybody besides me remember Gaddabout Gaddis? Do an internet search on the name and see what comes up. For those of you who do remember, you will probably love what you find. Some of Vernon Roscoe Gaddis's old tv shows are now on Youtube. A very simple, homespun show that oozed love of fishing and the outdoors through every frame. So many of today's outdoor shows are infomercials, but not "The Flying Fisherman". Check these out and see some of these legendary locales from 50 years ago."

Well, guess what? I got phone calls on that little note. Yes, many of you remembered this show and Gadabout Gaddis. Not only that, but you have great memories of it. You loved it then and still love it. For a sample of the show, check this link:

Gadabout Gaddis on the Cape

I hope you enjoy it. You won't see fishing shows like this again.

Now, onto a story that still boggles my mind. I posted this on Facebook some time ago. I'd like to mention it again in the newsletter.

Last fall, I did some work for a guy taking a trip to BC for salmon and trout. I did some big stuff for him. Big Flashabuggers, big Egghead Flashabuggers and some ordinary Wooly Buggers but bigger than usual. Most of the flies were tied on salmon hooks. Now, maybe not all of you have handled salmon hooks. They're stronger and heavier by some multiple than an ordinary trout hook. They should be safe, right? That's what I thought. In fact, I've never heard of a freshwater fish straightening one.

Above, you are looking at a #4 Mustad 36890 hook. For salmon, steelhead, striper, big catfish.

Guess what? This man had a size 4 hook straightened by a big salmon. Now who knows the exact weight of this fish. It was a big one that was just a few feet from being landed. And then . . . . . . . the hook straightened. Aaaaaaaaach What do you do? The customer told me that it was the biggest salmon he'd ever hooked. He and the guided estimated the fish at close to 50 pounds. Once again, who really knows, but for a freshwater fish to straighten a salmon hook is quite a feat.

Last year I mentioned the Fenwick fiberglass rods. I have a few. I still use one of them regularly. Checking the Ebay results on Fenwick fiberglass rods, they're still going for anywhere from $100 to $250 each. Mine won't get sold. They're actually well made rods. Now, it's true, fiberglass just isn't as sensitive as the modern materials, but fiberglass isn't bad. I definitely got my money's worth out of these rods--I paid no more than $35 for them.

Above is one of mine. The 8'6" version. Is it still in good shape? What do you think?

A little fly talk. Once again, nothing really stood out. There are some old standbys that never go wrong of course. The Parachute Emergers, Olive Helgramite, soft hackles, etc. So how about we take a look at one of the soft hackles. Pheasant Tail bead head soft hackle.

Use copper ringneck pheasant tail fibers for the body. I tie in some pheasant tail fibers for tail material, then tie in copper wire, then tie in the ringneck pheasant tail fibers. Wrap them around the hook shank, then wind the copper wire. Body is done. Then tie in a hun partridge feather, wrap it a couple of turns. You're done. Easy. Easy to fish and a good trout catching fly. A nice fly.

Ok, folks, I'm appealing again. If any of you shoot hun partridge, maybe we can trade some flies for skins. Get in touch.

As usual, I’ll close by saying good health, good fishing and great outdoor experiences to everybody this year of ‘18! I hope to hear from you this year!

Robert Schneider LDF Fly Fishing Tackle