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Too poor to paint and too proud to whitewash, Iím back with the one page newsletter. Check the website and the LDF Facebook page for more! Good to be back and back in touch with all my great customers!

Iíll say it again, I hope those of you with internet access will look up LDF Fly Fishing Tackle on Facebook. You all can get in touch with me right away on Facebook. Feel free to post PHOTOS, notes, comments, experiences or just talk about the outdoors. It really is easier than emailing me with a story and then waiting for me to post it on the website. Of course, the website is there, ready for your orders, but for info and socializing, nothing beats the Facebook page.

The number one selling fly for í10, was the Beaded Peacock/Olive Wooly Bugger. Yes, it beat out the Olive Helgramite. Both of them are great flies. I have had some amazing reports of the fish catching abilities of both flies. However, I am not one of the fishermen whoís had outsized catches. Iíve had some good days with those flies, but nothing close to multi dozen trout per day. Best tactic with both of them is to cast upstream with a sink tip line, then try to raise the fly from time to time on its trip downstream.

Talk about a day that cranked your tractor, I had one of those days happen in mid fall fishing wet Joeís Hoppers on a MO spring creek. Yes, I said a wet Joeís Hopper. The day started out sunny, but by noon it clouded up. Thatís when things took off. Yes, I got violent with those rainbows, even though all my life Iíve been a man whoís fought violence, even with club and knife if I had to. That day, the rainbows got my club and my knife. In a matter of 4 hours, I hooked well over 30 fish, but broke off about 10 of them. (Not sure what was wrong there, either.) Iíve never seen anything like it, because all I did was dead drift a #10 Joeís Hopper through crystal clear holes and those trout swirled at it on almost every cast. On occasion, one would actually strike. Unfortunately, I canít brag about a big one, though I had many big ones move at that fly. I donít know what else to say. Sometimes, odd things happen. That day, the dry version didnít do a thing.

Tying material issues. Woodduck supply is miserable. A few weeks ago, I thought I had a connection, but that fell through. Ever since Ed Story died, woodduck flank has been tough to get for me. I really do not have much hope of seeing any again this year. I know. I have it listed in the catalog, but that is just in case some does come in. On the website, it shows on flank feather for $2500. Honestly, if somebody wrote me a check for that amount, I still don't think I could buy one feather.

Elk is short, moose is short. I do have some Missouri whitetail. It looks as though I will have a few gray squirrel skins. Stay tuned for that. Right now, fox squirrel is tight, but I hope to change that after the new year.

Weather in í10 was odd. Early in the year, it started pouring down rain, then summer came and through the end of July, it seemed to be one big storm every other day. Honestly, summer brought some of the worst humidity Iíve ever experienced. Then we went into a bad droughtóno rain to speak of until mid November. In spite of the drought, heavy rain in the two years prior, meant that lakes, rivers and creeks remained high into late Octoberóa time when they should be easily fishable

I will say this. For those of you thinking about a trip to Arkansas to fish White River, in general, I wouldnít let weather deter me. Flood might be the only thing that would keep me away from the White.

We do still have some leaders and tippet material left, but please go to the website (www.ldfflyfishingtackle.com) or call us on the toll free line 1 877 426 2934 for info on whatís left.

As usual, good health and good fishing to all!

Robert Schneider
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