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Let me be clear. Yes, the rumors from the national news are true. LDF Fly Fishing Tackle was rescued from bankruptcy by the TARP program. I told my managers don't put the money into SIVS, but did they listen? No! So I had to go hat in hand to the US government, seeking millions. I just hope the President lets me keep my job when he finds out I can't pay it back. Joke about Olympic logo

Good to be back and back in touch with all my great customers!Gonna have a short printed newsletter this year. Just one page. Weíll get the essentials out on this page. The fluff (do I do that kind of stuff?) will be put up on the internet.

Iím writing this on the weekend of December 19/20. Are you folks from South Carolina to southern New England enjoying yourselves? I hope so. I hear predictions of 2í for D.C! My place didnít get any of this.

I hope those of you with internet access will look up LDF Fly Fishing Tackle on Facebook. You all can get in touch with me right away on Facebook. Feel free to post notes, comments, experiences or just talk about the outdoors. It really is easier than emailing me with a story and then waiting for me to post it on the website. Of course, the website is there and ready for your orders, but for info and socializing, nothing beats the Facebook page.

You know this fly tackle business just isnít what it used to be for me. Ed Story, the founder and owner of National Feathercraft, passed away in August of í08. I knew Ed from about 1981. He was a throwback to the old school outdoorsman. He hunted, fished, loved Labs, loved the shotgun, just generally loved the outdoors and had participated in it since he was a kid. It was all supposed to be fun and for him it was. That was great. As for business, he understood the dynamics of this business, he knew the people in the business, and he understood the customer. As for fly tying, nobody and I mean nobody, understood the material business better than Ed. He was the greatest source of info and tying material for my business and who knows how many other businesses. What a loss. Nobody will replace this manís knowledge. Finally, I will never forget the sessions at his place back in the late 80s when he owned his duck club up highway 79 in MO. I think itís just a shame that all true outdoorsmen couldnít have known Ed Story.

Well, the weather was stinkin again. Not as much rain as back in í08, but still plenty of it--in fact more than 50 inches this year for my place. I was sure October would bring good weather as usual, but the result was near constant rain. My home got more than 12 inches of rain during the month. Rain almost every other day. I just gave up and quit trying to get out. I really was hoping I could get out to give some new patterns a real test, but no luck. If the waters werenít flooding or close to it, then the mud was too deep. Iíll try it again in the month of February.

Let me tell you about the lack of new patterns. Many great new patterns have come out in the last few years. However, most of them are so time consuming, there is no way I can tie and sell them. Nowadays, if you have an elaborate fly pattern, itís very easy to commercialize. Just send it to a third world manufacturer where the tyers work for $15 per week. No problem. I wish I could do some of them. So I am still on the lookout for new patterns. I will be looking hard, and I hope testing hard, this coming year.

We do still have some leaders and tippet material left, but please go to the website (www.ldfflyfishingtackle.com) or call us on the toll free line 1 877 426 2934 for info on whatís left. Quantities are in ( ) parentheses. Here are some of our specials:


2) Dai Riki Velvet Tippet Material (1) spool of 4x left.

3)Dai Riki Velvet Leaders 8 foot leaderó(2)6x; (11)5x;(11) 7x. 10 foot leaderó(11) 6x; (7) 7x.

4)Dai Riki Standard Leaders7 Ĺ footó(7) 5x; (1) 7x. 9 footó(1) 4x; (4) 6x; (6) 7x

5)Maxima Tippet Material (7) 6x; (8) 5x.

6)Maxima Leader Material 9 footó(3) 4x; (2) 7x.


As usual, good health and good fishing to all!

Robert Schneider
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