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I usually don’t talk about sports on this page (so what’s hunting and fishing?), but can you believe the Cardinals won the World Series? And I’m a fan! That’s my joke for this newsletter

Anyway, it was a strange year. Drought finally caught up to my part of the country. For us, fishing was tough. I didn’t do any traveling, but with the break in the Rocky Mountain drought, I expected customers to do some traveling. Many did. If you folks have some stories, don’t hesitate to send them along. I’ll put them up on the website news page and might even include them in this newsletter. I’m open to fishing stories from anywhere, plus hunting stories, especially bear hunting stories. Yes, bear. I have never hunted bear. I’m still waiting for Missouri to open a season. When that happens, I’ll jump in.

Let’s talk about leaders. We said a couple of years ago, we made plans to phase out the traditional mono leaders. The reason? Seriously declining sales plus more requests for flourocarbon leaders led us in that direction. We still have a few mono leaders left. Everything we have in mono, including just 4 spools of tippet material, will be priced at $2.25 until we run out. Check the back page of this newsletter to see what’s available.

I’ll say it again. When I fish small local lakes during late winter, spring, and summer, I believe in black. Fish any type of fly, just have some black in it. I will fish black marabou streamers in size 6, 8 and 10 and catch just about anything. Largemouth in 6 and 8, bluegill, shellcrackers and even a few crappie. If I just want to catch the smaller species, I will go to a size 10. I can fish the Black Strip Leech and catch largemouth most of the time. I can use the black Marabou Muddler and catch largemouth. The only time I get away from black is when I believe I have the chance to catch a lot of crappie. Then I switch to yellow.

So what to make of this? Am I recommending this to everyone everywhere? Not really. I’m just saying that over the last few years, the lures and flies for warmwater species have gotten very elaborate and very sophisticated in color scheme. So how many shades of chartreuse are there? Get my point?! I can do very well around here sticking to the tried and true. I don’t make things too elaborate, so my mind isn’t on the minutiae of the lure, but is on getting to the fish. Black is a preferred color around here, so that’s for me.

They’re still making flies overseas and selling them in the USA on the internet at .45 to .75 each. If you’re buying them, maybe you should let us know what the results have been. LDF still sells only American tied flies. All the flies you get from LDF are tied by me. Yes, I used to have help, but not anymore. Every fly you get from LDF comes from my hands

One more thing. The move to low quality, low wage overseas production has started to move to rods and probably also will move to reels. Last year, I saw a Reddington fly rod being sold for $59. Mainly out of curiosity, I bought it. It was made in Korea, the reel seat was cheap (I’m being nice), and they had shorted on the number of line guides. Not bad for a kid or a beginner, but frankly, the rod didn’t perform as well as a 35 year old Fenwick glass rod I own. So here we go. Back in the 80s, the Japanese took general fishing tackle but they did it by producing top quality products. The stuff coming to us now in the fly tackle business is just cheap—in both senses.

So you want to know about the top selling flies? Once again, it was the Olive Helgramite, followed closely by the Peacock/Olive Wooly Bugger in size 12. The secret of the Olive Helgramite remains a mystery to me and to all who use it, but you know what they say. Don’t argue if it puts the skins on the wall. In some ways it’s a delicate fly that also aggravates me along with those who use it. I’ve tried to find ways to toughen it up while retaining its effectiveness, but so far that effort has been a failure.

The Peacock/Olive Wooly Bugger is another matter. That thing could look like a minnow. Under the right light and bottom conditions, it could even suggest a crawdad. (Yes, I said ‘crawdad’ and not‘crayfish’. I’ll never get used to ‘crayfish’.) It catches fish all over. Everybody who has good luck with this tells the same story. Use a sink tip line or a couple of split shot on the leader, let it go to the bottom and raise the rod tip to bring it into the current and drift a few feet.

Years ago, LDF’s top sellers used to be dry flies. Back in ’93, we introduced the Parachute Emerger series and those things sold like nobody’s business for years. They’re still great flies, but they don’t sell in the numbers they used to. I know the reason, but you’ll have to call me to get me to talk about it.

Which brings me to emergers. I love ‘em, you love ‘em. My favorite emerger is the Hare’s Ear Parachute Emerger, but there are others. I love to fish the Sulfur Loopwing during any sulfur hatch. As many of you know, call me for a recommendation on what to fish during a sulfur hatch and I will recommend an emerger or a nymph, not a dry fly. Tie on a sulfur loopwing or the Dark Ephemerella nymph, fish them high and dead. Let them dead drift all the way downstream, cross the current, and get ready.

Check prices, folks. Yes, we’re doing our best to compete. We can’t go to .50 but we’re doing our best. As I’ve said before, we’re now trying to compete against companies paying employees $15/week plus health insurance.

Take a look at the Poly Wing Parachute selection on the internet site. We sell nothing but white wings now. We had such a big inventory of the old orange poly wing that it took longer than I expected to sell them out. Well, the orange wings are sold out now. So if you want a colored wing rather than white, the best thing to do is go to the drug store and buy a waterproof marking pen, then use it to color the white poly wing. This way, you can get any color you want for the sake of visibility. Many years ago, people complained that they couldn’t see the white calf tail so I went to orange poly. Then people said they couldn’t see orange poly, so now I’ve switched back to white. This way, I can help people suit themselves.

We had two more power outages this summer. The first in late July and early August lasted eight days. I hope that didn’t inconvenience too many people. Then just a couple of weeks ago, we had a power outage lasting four and half days. No way to run a power company is it?

LEADER SALE ITEMS Dai Riki Velvet Dai Riki Standard 2 spools 4x 2 spools 8x Dai Riki Velvet Leaders Dai Riki Standard Leaders 12 8’ 7x 6 9’ 7x 3 8’ 6x 4 9’ 6x 11 8’ 5x 1 9’ 4x 12 10’ 6x 9 7 ½’ 7x 8 10’ 7x 3 7 ½’ 5x

Maxima Sorry, no sale flies this year! 7 spools of 6x material 8 spools of 5x material 3 9’ 7x leaders 4 9’ 4x leaders 7 7 ½’ 4x leaders

Kind of a dull newsletter this year. Nothing exciting to report and no new exciting developments in the business. For those who are curious, LDF has had to postpone work on our new, 20 story corporate tower. We’ll break ground just as soon as we have an upturn in business. We hope to hear from you in 2007!

As usual, good health and good fishing to all!

Robert Schneider
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