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I will not host this year’s Academy Awards show. I know--Chris Rock has declined to come back as host. They need me. But I will not do it. And don’t even think about applying pressure. It won’t work. In fact, it will backfire. I promise if I hear any more whining about how the show needs me, I will pull LDF’s sponsorship of the show. Enough said.

PAYPAL! Yes! Now if you order from our website—www.ldfflyfishingtackle.com—you can use PayPal to pay for your order. It took longer than we expected to get PayPal because the website service provider didn’t integrate PayPal until just a couple of months ago. So those of you with PayPal accounts can put them to work when you buy from LDF.

I’ll say “Hi!” to Ed Lynch from New Jersey, all the boys from around Bruce, MS, Mike Balboni one of just a few Florida customers, Ted Laska and the Rochester, MN boys, Dr. Liddy from New Jersey, Rodney Flaherty and everybody else who phoned and gabbed for awhile. Last but not least Mr. Weller from Ohio who has written us some great letters! Sorry I can’t name everybody. I’m always interested in hearing your stories! Send them on and I’ll put them on the internet site.

We published a plain catalog this year. More and more people are going to the website to get the color shots of our products that they need. We could never print the color shots you find on our website in a catalog. We couldn’t reproduce either the quantity or the quality.

Last year, we started our newsletter by telling you an anecdote about Michael Chin fishing #16 Pheasant Tail Flashback nymphs as droppers while fishing for steelhead. Well, you folks took the hint and bought the Pheasant Tail Flashback Nymph in large quantities. You didn’t regret it. Many told us about the good results. I’m not surprised at all. It’s simple and has that great pheasant tail copper/red color.

LDF has been in business since 1980. Hard to believe it’s been that long. We’re still doing what we’ve always done--providing the very best in American made flies. No shortcuts, no selling products we wouldn’t use ourselves, no selling products that might bring dishonor to our name.

Is anyone left out there doing what LDF does? In the last five years, most American manufacturers have been driven out of business by third world manufacturers. I’m talking about fly tying factories based in third world countries, but owned and operated by Americans. These factories offer very low prices to retailers and, as a result, have driven out high quality American made products. LDF is still here. We don’t have the lowest prices—nobody in this country can tie 30 or 40 dozen flies a week for a salary of $15.00—but I don’t doubt that we still have the tops in quality.

Enough with tooting our own horn! LDF has one new pattern this year. Remember last year we talked about trying out Wooly Buggers with colored bead heads? Well, we tried some and we settled on one for this year’s catalog. It’s the old reliable Peacock/Olive version with a green bead head. We call it the Green Eyed Wooly Bugger. Check the website for a photo. This one will not sink as deep as the brass bead version, so it might be the ticket for you guys working in shallow water. For everybody else, you’ve got the great green translucent head looking like who knows what. And who knows what will catch trout and smallmouth?! Take a look, then give this one a try!

Soft hackles did well again last year. Some people snub their noses at them but I don’t know why. Fish them at nearly any depth. Fish them to imitate nearly any small to medium sized sub surface bug. The partridge hackle gives them great lifelike movement, but even more important partridge hackle just makes a buggy looking fly. For you few nonbelievers out there, I can only say suspend your disbelief for awhile and give these flies a try.

Great news again on the water front. The long term drought out West is continuing its gradual break. We still have problems, but if the snow and rain keep up, we’ll come out of them in another year or so. My advice to everyone for next summer and fall is plan a trip to the Rockies, Sierras, or Cascades or any western drainage. I’m crossing my fingers that I can get back late next year.

I will make a confession—don’t shoot me! I was out at a small lake having some bad luck. My usual killer flies weren’t producing. I had a soft, black plastic worm with me. So I took out a black Strip Leech, cut a piece of the worm and tipped the Leech with that piece of worm. Did that turn things! I had time to fish about another two hours and caught four one pound largemouths. Not a great day, but breaking with doctrine here saved me from a complete shutout. I was ready for the showers! The combination of fur and soft plastic got their attention. Any similar experiences from you guys?

Some of you out there have been praising the 8 ˝’ and 9’ light weight fly rods for years. Again, I confess. Until recently, I had never fished a 9 footer. I have fished and continue to fish 8 ˝’ rods for 7 and 8 weight lines, for both bass and trout, but never a 9 footer. I guess I was stuck in a rut of automatically going to 7 ˝’ and 8’ rods for 5 and 6 weight lines whenever I fished for trout in spring creeks. Well, I finally did touch a 9 footer. Wow! What a change for the better. A few months ago I bought a couple of 9’ rods, one for 4 and 5 weight lines and the other for 5 and 6 weights. The difference in striking leverage alone is worth it. On top of that, the extra line control is great! What I didn’t know about these longer rods could have filled a book. Like most of you, I’m converted.

We’ve still got some of the Rio Powerflex Mono tippet material left. We’ve got it priced at $2.50/ spool. Just check the website to get some. And while you’re at it, check the fly specials. We always have a few there. By the way, remember we have been switching the Poly Yarn Parachute dry flies from orange poly to white. We really were overloaded with the orange winged version so we still have some left in the Adams pattern. Just check the website for the quantities remaining. If you want to be absolutely sure, just call us toll free at 1 877 426 2934.

Say folks! I said this last year and I’ll say it again. LDF does have a news section on the website. It’s mainly for you customers. If you have stories or incidents, send them along and we’ll put them up. In fact, we welcome not just fishing info, but hunting stories and info, too. Many of you combine hunting and fishing trips into Alaska (and other regions) and those always are great to hear about.

We get calls once in awhile for copper bodied nymphs. I don’t doubt that they work great. We don’t sell them because they’re so easy to tie and many shops sell them at very low prices. In that respect, they’re like Glo Bug Egg flies. We don’t sell those either because many shops nearly give them away. We just can’t compete. It’s interesting for me to think back. When I was a kid, I remember seeing my first copper bodied nymph pattern either in “Field and Stream” or “Outdoor Life”. It was in an article on the San Juan in New Mexico. A guy had great luck fishing a nymph made of white floss with copper wire wrapped tightly over the floss. The finished fly showed barely any floss. I tied some up and tried them in Missouri with no luck. Those guys in the article sure had good luck! They caught some huge rainbows, all of which had been gorging on snails. Anybody out there know of a connection between snail eating trout and success with a copper bodied nymph? If any of you are familiar with this connection, let me know.

How about circle hooks? Yes, we are still laboring, questioning, and working to see if there really are circle hooks for ordinary sized flies. We keep hearing that they’re out there, but still no solid proof. I can’t actually find anybody who has seen and used them. We’ve all just heard about them.

Last year we asked about your opinions on mono versus fluorocarbon. We did get a few comments, but not many. Those few who did comment said they preferred fluoro most of the time, no matter the extra cost. I’d like to continue to hear. It is interesting. You walk into a typical tackle shop you still see mainly mono. Tell me what you see around where you live.

Remember our online ordering! AMEX, MASTERCARD, VISA, PAYPAL! Color photos are on the site! Those photos can be enlarged to full size just by clicking on them twice. Just run your arrow over the photo and click.

Once again, the best selling pattern of the year was the Olive Helgramite. Year in and year out, it takes the prize.

As usual, good health and good fishing to all!

Robert Schneider
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